The Clone Wars


Perhaps it is because I haven’t watched the Clone Wars series or movie, but I found this novelization to be terribly boring. The clone troopers do not stand out in any meaningful way and, being clones and literal cannon fodder, I didn’t care one way or another what happened to any of them. A battle between clones and droids isn’t the most exciting conflict, but Traviss’ writing didn’t do anything to make it more engaging. Jabba’s son being kidnapped was an interesting plot but, in the end, it didn’t mean much of anything – something Dooku literally ruminates upon towards the end of the story. The best parts of The Clone Wars were those featuring a young Ahsoka, but many of those were bogged down with Anakin’s repeated thoughts of his past and Padmé. Some of Traviss’ writing is very bad, though it is mostly passable. I am honestly pretty disappointed with this dull excerpt from the Star Wars universe.


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