Dark Matter

This is a hard review for me to write, because I’m so torn about my feelings for Dark Matter. There are several things I really liked about the book, and also several things that I really disliked. Part of me wonders if, due to the subject matter, I want to like this novel more than I actually do. Regardless, I’ll start with the things I enjoyed.

really liked the premise behind Dark Matter. The idea of the multiverse is something that has always fascinated and intrigued me, so much so that I’ve often convinced myself I’ve seen evidence of it in my everyday life. I enjoyed how Crouch approached it here, and I appreciated the science behind the box and the way that it allows entry into the multiverse. I am not a scientist by any stretch of the imagination, so I don’t know how accurate anything was, but it was believable enough for my uninformed mind. It was cool to witness the varied worlds of the multiverse, and how different some of them were from Jason’s home world.

The main issue I had with Dark Matter was how predictable everything was. From the moment the man in the geisha mask appeared and kidnapped Jason, I guessed that it was another incarnation of himself looking to steal his life. I knew that there would be multitudes of “Jasons” converging upon Jason and his world, and I knew that the only solution would be for him and his family to enter the multiverse and settle in a new world. I anticipated this book at every turn, and that was really a detriment to my experience. Perhaps if I hadn’t read the description of Dark Matter I may have been taken a little more off guard, so perhaps it’s partially my fault.

I also don’t care for Crouch’s writing style at all. The short sentences and paragraphs don’t bother me so much as how simplistic it is. Most of the time, Crouch offers just the barest amount of detail required to set a scene or describe a character. It’s interesting that he spends more time painting the backdrop of Chicago than he does anything else. I guess I just expected an intricate, flowery prose given the subject matter. I found the the simplistic nature of the writing juxtaposed against the complexity of the story distracting.

Overall, I liked Dark Matter. Despite the disappointing prose and the predictable story, I still found it to be enjoyable. I’ll definitely be reading more of Crouch’s work in the future.

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