Light of the Jedi


The High Republic is an interesting time period in that there isn’t immediately a direct threat, an impending doom, or a malevolent villain in the galaxy. Light of the Jedi changes that, eventually, but I thought Soule did a good job of building this new era before delving into the conflict. This novel does start off rather slowly, spending an excruciating amount of time on the disaster that becomes a catalyst for the rest of the story. There are a lot of characters, some more interesting than others, and I question some of Soule’s choices in regards to which individuals he highlights and which are simply names in the background. I’m hoping that some of the main characters become more interesting in future books. Soule also has a habit of repeating information over and over again, which became tedious. Regardless, I found Light of the Jedi to be a solid and entertaining entry into the Star Wars universe.


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