Caliban’s War

Having first watched The Expanse Amazon series, I thought I knew what to expect from Caliban’s War. As was the case with Leviathan Wakes, I was proven drastically wrong. The framework is the same, but the characters and plot and universe are made profoundly more interesting through the pages of this novel.

Prax quickly became one of my favorite characters while watching the show but, after reading about him in Caliban’s War, I have a much better understanding and a deeper appreciation for his character. His struggle to find Mei, and the personal hurdles he overcame to do so, were vividly depicted and caused me to care even more about him.

Likewise, I enjoyed Bobbie’s character much more here than I did in the show. I really came to understand and care about her as she fought to overcome her fears and wrestled with the crushing guilt that she carried. Learning the techniques of the protomolecule soldiers alongside her, and then visualizing the payoff during her battle on Io, was incredibly satisfying.

The few issues I had with Leviathan Wakes are nonexistent here. The dialogue improved drastically, and the plot was perfectly clear throughout. Despite some slower portions towards the end, I am still incredibly pleased with this second entry in The Expanse.

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